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Our Services

Programs are fully customized to each person or company, however the following is an outline of the basic structure of our offerings:

  • Business Consulting: Everything from 1-Hour Workshop to 2-3 Day Retreat Experiences (see below for more info).
  • 1:1 Personal Executive Coaching: Upon request, spaces are extremely limited, schedule a consultation here.
  • Divorce Recovery: If you were referred here for divorce recovery, click here to apply for a call to see if our program is a good fit.
  • Speaking Engagements: Keynote and workshops available upon request.
  • Modig Executive Peer Group: where you can collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs like yourself and have access to Brenda monthly. Click below to apply!
Partnering with Taloo

Our most impactful sessions are delivered in-person. It eliminates the distractions and lack of participation that oftentimes accompany online meetings. We truly care about inspiring attendees and cultivating lasting change, which is why we don’t offer virtual services regularly. If you have circumstances that limit in-person options, schedule a call with us to discuss the best approach to meet your goals.

Onsite Teambuilding

One hour workshop

Designed to be presented over a lunch hour to your C-Suite and Sales Management teams. Round table discussion to follow. Management will walk away with action items to implement today to increase communication and sales.
Enhanced One-Day Team Intensive
Workshop/mastermind tailored to engage the C-Suite with company and sales personnel in authentic dialogue and encourage questions, while having real-time discussions in tangible ways to apply the training both in the moment and going forward. Designed to increase sales, create team unity, increase overall company satisfaction and decrease employee turnover.

Offsite Teambuilding

2-3 Day Retreat Experience
Enhance the entire foundation of the company by allowing for both a professional and personal life-changing experience for your team(s). The full magic happens here, when individuals come together, teams become more effective, and leaders within the company hone their skills. Employees will be taught how to close the gap between their potential and performance, allowing for exponential company growth.

Ongoing Corporate Training

Upon request and customized per the needs of the company.


The best companies to work for don’t have retention or turnover problems; employees are seeking them out. Click below to schedule a call and become the best organization today.